Salt and Pepper Pork Sausage

Salt and Pepper Pork Sausage

Salt and Pepper Pork Sausage

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A quick, simple dinner staple easily prepared in a skillet or grill - Our regular pork smoked sausage truly gives you the taste of our pork - no complex formula of artificial ingredients necessary

Ingredient List:  pork, salt, black pepper, granulated garlic and red pepper 

  • Raised on pasture - free to roam, root and forage
  • Heritage breeds know to produce the best flavor 
  • In addition to pasture, our hogs are supplemented with a non-gmo corn-free, soy-free grain - no hormones or drugs ever 
  • Frozen & vacuum sealed to preserve freshness

1915 Pasture Raised Pork

The saying "pork, the other white meat" (aka pale pink) is non-existent in our vocabulary. Our pork has unmatched flavor, dark red in color and well marbled - the type of pork high-end restaurants are after. We do this by choosing "old world" heritage breeds, and put them in an environment they were designed to be raised in, either on pasture or in the brush where they can forage on grasses, acorns, whatever their snouts find with plenty of room to move in the sunshine, and supplemented with a NON GMO grain. When you raise pigs the way Tanner and I do, you don't have give them growth promoting drugs like sub-therapeutic antibiotics or beta-agonists which are so commonly used today in America (and illegal in many other countries). Drugs and crammed barns are a necessity to keep the price of grocery store pork low (yes meat is a commodity.. isn't that crazy?), and that is what many people want. However at 1915, we believe with all of our heart in providing a choice to those that value flavor, your health, and animal welfare first. - Catherine

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