Smoked Sampler Bundle

Smoked Sampler Bundle
Smoked Sampler Bundle
Smoked Sampler Bundle
Smoked Sampler Bundle
Smoked Sampler Bundle

Smoked Sampler Bundle

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Our Wild Alaskan Smoked Sampler Bundle is a great way to try a range of our smoked products. All premium quality, frozen, and ready to enjoy yourself or serve for guests on a charcuterie board. 

Perfect on its own or combined with Sampler Bundle

Smoked Sampler Bundle contains:

  • 1 halibut spread (7oz)
  • 1 cold smoked Copper River Sockeye lox (6oz)
  • 1 smoked sablefish (blackcod) portion (6oz)




    As a 3rd generation fishing family, sustainability is very important to us and means preserving both the long-term future of the species and the health of the oceans. Sustainability and ocean stewardship are our top priorities. We know we’re doing everything we can to maintain a healthy fishery, and it means a lot to us that you trust us to provide healthy, sustainable fish for your table.

    • All our fish are wild-caught in Alaska, never farmed
    • Every fishery we participate in is regulated by the state, federal or international management programs for sustainability
    • Alaska Salmon Fishery is RFM certified (Responsible Fishery Management) which means it meets 125+ criteria for everything from stock evaluations to ecological impacts from fishing
    • Our processing facility, 60 North Seafoods is MSC certified (Marine Stewardship Council), which shows the fisheries meet international best practices for sustainable fishing
    • Our fleet is an enthusiastic partner of the CRWP (Copper River Watershed Program) net recycling program, which has diverted 263,712 pounds of web from the landfill and marine environment
    • We promote the responsible use of our wild resources, which includes utilizing the whole fish to minimize waste
    • We offer collars and chop (small pieces and meat scraped from the backbone), smoke all our tails and trimmings for use in our spreads, and our fish patties are made with premium copper river sockeye meat that has been scraped from the backbones (and would otherwise have been wasted). 
    • Instead of styrofoam, we use Green Cell Foam packaging that is compostable and dissolves in water. 



    All our fish are wild and sustainably caught in Alaska by ourselves and other quality fishermen we know and trust. 

    We own a small custom processing facility (60 North Seafoods) in Cordova, Alaska. Located right at the source, we immediately clean, cut, portion, wrap in parchment, and flash freeze for premium quality.

    Copper River Salmon

    Every year, May marks the beginning of the Copper River Salmon season. Stretching through September, this season is awaited around the world for its renowned wild King, Sockeye, and Coho salmon. 

    These fantastic fish are the crown jewel of the salmon world. In preparation for their herculean task of swimming up the 300 mile Copper River these salmon pack on rich energy reserves – evident in the copious supply of healthy and delicious omega-3 fatty acids stored in their bodies.

    Copper River Salmon are more than just salmon: they are a culture; a driving force; a source of life for an entire Alaskan community.

    Fishing Method

    Copper River salmon are harvested with small gillnet boats directly from their natural habitat in Alaska. Harvested by skilled fishermen operating with nothing but respect, passion, and care. 




    We ship directly to your door in insulated boxes. All orders are shipped on Mondays. Orders placed by noon (PST) on Monday will be shipped the same day, orders placed later will be shipped the following Monday. We will send an email with the tracking number on the day it ships so you know when to expect it. 

    We use sustainable green cell foam to insulate our frozen boxes instead of styrofoam. A combination of pellet dry ice and booster packs (pcm gel packs that hold below freezing) are used to keep fish frozen during transit.

    Smoked salmon jars are shipped separately from frozen products because the glass could break due to the very low freezing temperature of dry ice. 

    You can schedule your preferred week of shipment for gifts, special events, or to avoid a time when you will not be home. We guarantee the week of arrival, but not the specific day.


    The Sena Sea Guarantee

    Sena Sea is dedicated to providing you with high-quality seafood. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality, we will replace or refund your purchase. Please contact with any concerns.

    Late UPS deliveries are out of our control. UPS will only refund the shipping cost if a package is delivered late but will not replace or refund the ruined contents. Therefore, we recommend purchasing the extra route insurance offered during checkout.

    Route is an added layer of protection for your order which ensures package replacement for lost, stolen, or damaged (including defrosted) packages. Route will replace packages that have defrosted for any reason, including late arrival.

    Please take a picture of any defrosted portions and email it to for assistance with a claim. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of shipment.



    Smoked Halibut Spread 7oz:

    • Made with our premium smoked halibut
    • All-natural, fully prepared, and ready to serve

    Ingredients: smoked halibut, cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, lemon juice, dehydrated onion, onion powder, dill weed, vinegar.

    Contains: fish, milk, soy, egg 

    Copper River Sockeye lox 6oz:
    • cold-smoked in small batches
    • Pre-sliced and ready to eat
    • Perfect for entertaining and appetizers
      Ingredients: wild salmon, salt, brown sugar, flavoring, and spices

      Contains: fish

      Smoked Sablefish (blackcod) 6oz:
      • Cut and smoked by hand in small batches. 
      • Cured in a light salt brine and slowly smoked over pure, natural alder wood.
      • Fully cooked and ready to eat

      Ingredients: sablefish, salt, sugar, hardwood smoke

      Contains: fish 



      Our fish is wild, sustainable, and all-natural:

      • No added chemicals
      • No artificial coloring
      • No preservatives
      • No pesticides
      • No growth hormones
      • No antibiotics
      • No GMOs 

      Fish is a good source of high-quality protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. Health experts recommend eating fish at least once or twice each week.


      Handling and Recipes

      Your fish will arrive frozen on dry ice.  Place it in the freezer upon arrival. Properly frozen vacuum-sealed packages are good in the freezer for up to one year. 


      Keep frozen until ready to eat

      Thaw overnight in the refrigerator (cut open bag to let air in) or 30 minutes in COLD water (bag sealed)

      Fully cooked and ready to defrost and eat

       Check out all our delicious recipes for inspiration!



      How do you ship frozen fish?
      We ship overnight in an insulated box with dry ice and gel packs to arrive frozen.

      When will I receive my order?
      We ship on Mondays, so it will always ship on the next Monday (or the same day if you place an order by noon PST on Monday). 

      What if I'm not home when it arrives?
      We pack the boxes with enough coolant to sit on your porch until evening...but don't let it sit overnight. 

      Is your fish fresh or frozen?
      All our fish is cut, vacuum-sealed, and frozen at -20 degrees for premium sushimi quality. Our custom processing facility (60 North Seafoods) is located right at the source in Cordova Alaska, so fish can be processed immediately after catching.

      What if it arrives defrosted?
      We pack with care to arrive frozen, but if UPS delivers late or if it arrives defrosted for any reason, route (extra insurance available at checkout) will replace your order for free. Just take a picture and send us an email right away and we can do the rest.

      What do I do when it arrives and how do I cook it?
      Every box comes with a handling card to explain how to defrost and cook it. Plus recipe cards for inspiration. We also have lots of guides and recipes on our blog. 

      What is a subscription box?
      Most products are available for subscription (recurring order), just look for "subscribe and save" below the price. Choose your preferred number of portions and desired frequency. Don't worry, our subscriptions are flexible- the ship dates, quantities, and even types of fish can be easily adjusted or canceled anytime.

      How do I know what fish is in season?
      I highly recommend our seasonal variety box. You choose the box size and delivery frequency, we deliver what's in season and available at the peak of abundance

      What if I have more questions?
      Please email with further questions, we are happy to help!
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