Grassfed Ny Strips

Grassfed Ny Strips
Grassfed Ny Strips

Grassfed Ny Strips

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1, .5 lb steak per pack - 1 1/4 inch thick 

1, .6-.7 lb steak per pack - 1 1/4 inch thick

1, .8- 1 lb steak per pack - 1 1/4 inch thick

One key ingredient in the recipe of raising flavorful beef - is the dry aging process. Like all our steak, the NY strip is dry-aged for 14 days which breaks down the connective tissues and compacts the flavor producing a wonderful Grass fed steak.

1915 Grassfed Beef 

  • Grass fed & Grass finished 
  • 10 Day Dry Age for the best flavor and tenderness
  • No grain, antibiotics, or hormones - ever 
  • Frozen & vacuum sealed to preserve freshness 
"One of my favorite chapters in the 1915 story is raising grass fed beef cattle, and it's likely not the reason you think. You probably know by now, Tanner and I do not have agriculture backgrounds (safe to say pharmaceuticals is on the other side of the fence here) so clearly our grass fed beef operation isn't a "fifth generation" ranch. Tanner and I are a fresh set of eyes on a very conventional way of doing things here in Texas, so unconventional that most grass fed beef in America is actually imported from other countries. Did you know that? This imported meat can even legally be labeled "product of the USA". Tanner and I are on a mission to raise delicious grass fed & finished beef here closer to home, so we opt to source/raise stocker calves from a handful of reputable grassfed ranches to put in our grass fed beef program and graze them on grasses and forage their entire life. It's quite simple really - 1915 grass fed cattle graze grasses and forage (no grain)without any shortcuts (if an animal is suffering we will use an antibiotic, and then remove the animal from our meat program). Processed at a local USDA inspected facility and dry aged to further enhance flavor and tenderness producing a premium grassfed beef" - Catherine 
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