Ground Chicken

Ground Chicken

Ground Chicken

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Ground Chicken - Pasture Raised Corn and Soy Free 

1915 Pasture Raised Corn & Soy Free Chicken

"There is a beautiful story tell raising chicken in a different light, very unconventional by today’s standard, especially in Texas. In a way that prioritizes quality over quantity, nutrition over cheapness, craft over assembly lines, and our health as top priority. The formula is quite simple. Raise the chickens the way they were put on earth to be raised, and their meat quality will reward us – with delicious flavor and enhanced nutrition. 99% of the chicken raised in America is in dark barns, fed GMO grains, given drugs, and dipped in chlorine, and kept behind closed doors from the public eye to see. Tanner and I are the founders of 1915 Farm, and we vowed from the very beginning to raise the chicken we feed ourselves and your family the best way possible – outdoors on fresh pasture, supplemented with NON GMO corn free soy free grain, no drugs, no chlorine baths, and frozen and vacuumed sealed at the peak of freshness –  sharing each step of the journey along the way as we bring the beautiful experience directly to your table, and trust me when I say, the quality won’t disappoint." - Catherine 

  • Pasture Raised (actually on real pasture, - that's why pasture raised chicken is known to have more Omega 3's, because they are eating grass/forage (unlike just organic)
  • Raised Outdoors - I have to say this, because most grocery store chickens (even the organic ones) never see the outdoors 
  • Like Really Free Range (P.S. not crammed in a chicken barn “free range” like most “free range” chicken is, organic or conventional) 
  • Non GMO Fed (in additional to the grass and bugs they graze on) 
  • Frozen & Vacuum Sealed at the peak of freshness (no sticky chicken juice hitting your veggies in your grocery cart)  
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