For the Grassfed Foodie - Grass fed Beef, Pork, Chicken Variety

For the Grassfed Foodie - Grass fed Beef, Pork, Chicken Variety
For the Grassfed Foodie - Grass fed Beef, Pork, Chicken Variety

For the Grassfed Foodie - Grass fed Beef, Pork, Chicken Variety

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This is a subscription! Our subscription boxes are mixed-up every order! This box consists of 14-16 lbs (or 19 -20 lbs, choose option) of our premium grass fed & pasture raised frozen beef, pork, and chicken shipped directly from our small farm here in Texas. 

Example of cut list: 

chicken breasts, chicken tenders, leg quarters, wings, thighs, drumsticks, whole chicken, ground beef, kabobs, stew meat, stir fry , cutlets, london broil (top round), beef roasts, beef ossobuco, short ribs, various sausages, pork roasts, pork chops, bacon, ground pork, fajita meat, country style ribs, spare ribs, and bacon! 

Looking to add a couple of premium grassfed steaks to each box? Pick the Steak Option and we will include either two Ribeyes, Filets, Ny Strips, or Tenderloin Tips to your box! (average to be 10% in savings!) 

See something you don't like? Make a note at online checkout with a special request and we will accommodate it as close as we can! 

You choose rather you want this box every 2 - 8 weeks, and can cancel or postpone anytime. You will get a reminder email a few days before the box ships. Another email will be sent after the meat ships, with a tracking number. 

Shipping is free in Texas and reduced in outside states. 

Joining our Grassroots Club will prompt you to make a free account, which you can go in and make changes to your orders, postpone orders, change credit card information, and view ordering history. 

We are covering most the shipping cost, so we ask that you don't postpone too many times. 

We can't wait to have you join the 1915 Grassroots Club! 

questions? contact us at 

What makes 1915 Meats Superior to traditional organic/typical grocery store meats: 

P.S. I got a little long winded below.. BUT it's important!! Life's too short to not make our health a top priority! Are you with me?  - Catherine 

1915 Grassfed Beef 

"One of my favorite chapters in the 1915 story is raising grassfed beef cattle, and it's likely not the reason you think. Let me remind you, I have a background in pharmaceutical sales (diabetes medication to be particular) and not agriculture. Our grassfed beef operation isn't a "fifth generation" ranch, hence Tanner and I are a fresh set of eyes on a very conventional way of doing things here in Texas, so unconventional that most grassfed beef in stores is actually imported from other countries. Did you know that? This imported meat can even legally be labeled "product of the USA". Tanner and I are on a mission to raise delicious grassfed & finished beef here in Texas, so we opt to hold back our calves and graze them on grasses and forage their entire life - instead of the common practice of implanting them with hormones and shipping them off to a crammed feedlot, where it's common to be fed antibiotics and other drugs daily. It's quite simple really - our grassfed cattle in our grassfed beef program graze grasses and forage (no grain)without any shortcuts (if an animal is suffering we will use an antibiotic, and then remove the animal from our meat program). Processed at a local USDA inspected facility and dry aged to further enhance flavor and tenderness producing a premium grassfed beef product from our local farm.

1915 Pasture Raised Chicken

There is a beautiful story tell raising chicken in a different light, very unconventional by today’s standard, especially in Texas. In a way that prioritizes quality over quantity, nutrition over cheapness, craft over assembly lines, and our health as top priority. The formula is quite simple. Raise the chickens the way they were put on earth to be raised, and their meat quality will reward us – with delicious flavor and enhanced nutrition. 99% of the chicken raised in America is in dark barns, fed GMO grains, given drugs, and dipped in chlorine, and kept behind closed doors from the public eye to see. Tanner and I are the founders of 1915 Farm, and we vowed from the very beginning to raise the chicken we feed ourselves and your family the best way possible – outdoors on fresh pasture, supplemented with NON GMO grain, no drugs, no chlorine baths, and frozen and vacuumed sealed at the peak of freshness –  sharing each step of the journey along the way as we bring the beautiful experience directly to your table, and trust me when I say, the quality won’t disappoint. 

1915 Pasture Raised Pork

The saying "pork, the other white meat" (aka pale pink) is non-existent in our vocabulary. Our pork has unmatched flavor, dark red in color and well marbled - the type of pork high-end restaurants are after. We do this by choosing "old world" heritage breeds, and put them in an environment they were designed to be raised in, either on pasture or in the brush where they can forage on grasses, acorns, whatever their snouts find with plenty of room to move in the sunshine, and supplemented with a NON GMO grain. When you raise pigs the way Tanner and I do, you don't have give them growth promoting drugs like sub-therapeutic antibiotics or beta-agonists which are so commonly used today in America (and illegal in many other countries). Drugs and crammed barns are a necessity to keep the price of grocery store pork low (yes meat is a commodity.. isn't that crazy?), and that is what many people want. However at 1915, we believe with all of our heart in providing a choice to those that value flavor, your health, and animal welfare first. Thanks for reading all the above, and if you did, I know you care too. Thanks for being here - Catherine & Tanner 

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