Sirloin Bavette, 1 lb

Sirloin Bavette, 1 lb
Sirloin Bavette, 1 lb
Sirloin Bavette, 1 lb

Sirloin Bavette, 1 lb

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One of the most popular cuts in Argentina, Uruguay, and France… as well as that of our butchers. It offers the best Taste/Value out there. It's exceptionally tender, marbled, and rich in flavor. 

It's similar to the flank and skirt… but much more tender than both due to being located on the inside portion of the diaphragm.

It has less stringy, less chewy fat than a skirt, as the striated muscle in bavette cuts tends to have better quality marbling.  Season with salt and sear over high heat, then cook to term. This cut of meat is a chef's secret weapon for creating the best dishes. This cut is a favorite around the ranch for its buttery, beefy flavor. The bavette loves an open fire and is superb when cooked super hot and super fast. It responds well to a simple marinade. This is a butcher's cut you will rarely if ever, see it in a grocery store.


More Details:

100% natural beef from Angus cattle

No growth hormones, steroids, or antibiotics

Raised on pasture

100% vegetarian diet of barley, corn, and hay

Equivalent to Choice-Plus graded beef

Wet aged a minimum of 21 days

Product of USA

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  • Items are prepared fresh and quickly frozen to lock the juices in.
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