Assortment Maison

Assortment Maison
Assortment Maison
Assortment Maison
Assortment Maison
Assortment Maison
Assortment Maison

Assortment Maison

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"Like flying to Paris for chocolates"

This is the most extensive and exciting collection of our gourmet hand-crafted chocolates. With this magnificent collection, you can explore the true artistry of LeSaint French Chocolate in all its glory. Bonbons, Bark, Brittle, Toffee, Royaltines and upon availability Truffles.

The Gourmet Chocolate Assortment Maison Includes:


Dulce-de-Leche Pavés
This fine milk chocolate is infused with a hazelnut paste then layered with chocolate caramel. It is then enrobed in 64% extra bitter dark chocolate couverture to create this bite-size decadent candy.

Coconut Ganache Pavés 
36% white chocolate blended with organic fresh flake coconut creates a chewy ganache that is hand-dipped in 64% extra bitter dark chocolate. Discover the lovely contrast between the bitter chocolate and the subtly sweet coconut center.

Almond Praline Pavés
Fresh almond praline mixed with 42% milk chocolate makes a rich ganache. It is then enrobed in 64% dark chocolate and topped with roasted whole almond corone.

Peanut Butter Pavés
42% milk chocolate is blended with 100% natural hand-pureed peanut butter making for a salty-sweet delicious candy center. It is then hand-dipped in our 64% extra bitter gourmet dark chocolate. The balance of the peanut butter and the perfect blend of dark and milk chocolate makes for a beautiful classic combination.


Banana Caramel Bonbons 
Hand-painted 64% dark chocolate pyramids filled with banana-white chocolate ganache and a layer of fresh caramel.

Calvados Caramel Bonbons
A boozy French caramel- apple! Our hand-painted bonbon is filled with chocolate-blended caramel and Calvados - a French apple brandy from Stéphane's native Normandy. This features a complex yet subtle flavor. The center is 64% extra bitter tempered chocolate.

Passionfruit Ganache Bonbons 

The intense flavor of passionfruit is not overpowered by white chocolate. This combination is a taste of paradise. 2019 World Silver Medal - International Chocolate Awards.

Raisin-Cognac Bonbons 
Each of these beautifully hand-painted, cognac-infused raisins are ground and mixed with 42% organic milk chocolate ganache for a distinct French specialty. It is then enrobed in our gourmet 64% dark chocolate couverture.

Moroccan Mint Pavés
This artisanal French-Morrocan gourmet mint and 68% Bolivian Criollo dark chocolate pairing is a powerful and subtle flavor in the same mouthful. Hand-dipped, rich, satisfying, and perfect after a meal. A wonderful hostess gift and a true taste of Paris.

Turkish Coffee-Cardamom Pavés

Reminiscent of flavorful Turkish coffee, our 42% organic milk chocolate pavés are blended with organic cream, aromatic cardamom & freshly roasted coffee for a heavenly combination. Enrobed in 64% dark chocolate couverture for an intense flavor contrast. Hand-dipped & hand-stamped with our signature "L" Marque de Maison. A coffee lover's dream!

Truffles (subject to availability)

Extra Dark Black Truffle
A true delight for dark chocolate lovers. Our darkest truffle is made with our 72% pure Ecuadorian gourmet dark chocolate ganache rolled in pure cocoa powder. Buttery, dark, and sinfully good.

Barks and Brittles

Peanut Brittle
A generous amount of roasted salted peanuts carmelized into a crisp bark. Discover this French interpretation of an American classic.

Dark Chocolate English Toffee
Our chunky Toffee has a firm texture and a delicate crunch. It is buttery, nutty, and rich.

The Dark Bark
A perfect mix of pistachios, pecans, dried cranberries, raisins, and currants are the sweet and salty components of this simple and satisfying 68% Bolivian Criollo dark chocolate bark.

Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bark
Premium pistachios, pecans, dried cranberries, raisins, and currants are the sweet and salty components of this simple and satisfying 42% organic milk chocolate bark.


Crispy Royaltine
Chocolate hazelnut paste is mixed with puffed rice and enrobed in extra bitter 64% dark chocolate for a feather-light crispy treat.

For the full list of ingredients please see the individual product links above. Allergens: may contain traces of nuts and soy.

  • Beyond Fair Trade
  • Made fresh in small batches
  • Handcrafted in Pennsylvania
  • No Melt Shipping Guarantee

18 oz = more than 1 lb (approx. 28 pieces)
27 oz = more than 1½ lbs (approx. 42 pieces)
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  • Inventory on the way
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